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Server Down Time.

Tomorrow on Tuesday, 11-25-2008. The Server will be going down all day most likely. For my house will be getting fumigated as order by a Community program I am invovle with. But not to worry later that night the server will be right back up and running. I apologize for such short notice if you have any questions please contact me as soon as you can.

Thank you for your time and patient. Have a nice day.


Monday November 24, 2008 - Triple

Xsira home website now supports two languages, Spanish, and English! The wait and suspense is finally over. If you would like to change the language of the website there are two hotspot buttons on top of the headers Espanol || English. You may choose what you desire niether of the both are not different they both contain the same news and notifications. For the spanish site I used a translator to compelete some areas I tried to fix it up as much as I can so if theres any misunderstanding I am sorry, and I will change as soon as anyone notifies me. If you find any problems with either or of the sites or would like to help me maintain the spanish website contact me as soon as possible.

Have a nice day I hope you all enjoy the new stuff..


Tuesday November 11, 2008 - Triple

Player Spotlight #1

Today we have a spiecal player spotlight who been around since Xsira last generation!



Monday November 10, 2008 - Triple

ISP Notification/PC Performance

Finally my internet service provider has finally fixed my internet connection problem so there should be absolutely no connection losts anymore. I have also done some computer optimizing/tweaking and it seems to be working even faster! I have ran some benchmark tests and the results were nearly off the scale! So I am very happy and thrilled with the results of my work, I hope you all enjoy it as well. If any problems occur please email me or use forums. Thank you all for playing and chosing Xsira, for without you all it will just be dead space. And I would also thank you all for your kind patience and support.


Tuesday October 14, 2008 - Triple

ISP Maintenance

On saturday October 4th I recived a letter from my ISP. Saying "You will experience brief interruptions on all your services ranging from a few minutes to several hours." "During the hours from 1 AM to 2 PM."(USA California, Pacific Time) Witch means that our internet will be having connection lost. They did not give any specific date to anything so I do not know when it started or when it will end.

So unfortuantly if you are having several connection lost it is not your fault nor mine, It's my ISP. And beaware that the connection losts are random try to keep your character out of monster sights. But if your character young status is still in effect then you shuldnt have to worry to much therefore as soong as u lose connect while young status you will loged off Immediately. Keep in mind Xsire will not be respondsible for any item losts or character death. For any question please contact me as soon as possible.

I thank you for your time and I apologize for any trouble, be safe. I will notice everyone when this ISP maintenance is over and done with.

Wednesday October 8, 2008 - Triple

Xsira Re-Grand Open!

The wait is finally here! Yes, thats right Xsira is now open to all. There have been a few changes and adjustments but not to big. We are still recovering from our lost files. The few changes that were made was:

  • Loot - artifacts now drop on every different creature not all drop the same and also some creature drop self spiecal items example: Dragon = Dragon Claw[weapon]
  • Shrink - The shrink system now comes with lock & unlock and show raw status of the shrunken pet/follower
  • Animal Level System - Due to tech. difficulties I had to remove the system because it was causing system saves errors, but not to worry after few fixes it will be added back.
  • Murders - Reds/Murders = 5+ kills can now travel to any map except trammel.
  • PvP - Pvp is now allowed in any map except trammel.
  • Bosses - Bosses monster are now created and being created for our young players.

We are also doing a little speical give away for new character creation. for all this week(10/5 trought 10/10) we are giving out 4 100+ Skill Balls to start off with when a new character is created. After this week the orgindary given skill ball is only two.

*Note xsira forum adress will be changed to http://xsira.ultimarpg.net/ you may visit it now and register if you like. old forums will be deleted on friday, 10/10/2008.

We hope to see you all soon! And for those who are returning may I say, Welcome back. Have a nice day :)

Sunday October 5, 2008 - Triple

Server Official Release Date

We are happy to say our contruction is going well and we are nearly done please keep in mind that the game experience may differ. Not everything was remade some stuff were lost but not to worry I will still be working on it. Hopefully everything keeps going well and as planned.

We were thinking around October 3rd we will have officially have Xsira running and open to everyone. For any questions or comments please refer to contacting us.

Friday September 26, 2008 - Triple

Server Status

It is true our server have been down for quiet some while, for the problem with our system occured when we tried to update the system to Windows Vista. And some how Window Vista currupted our backup harddrives and all of our data and files got compeletely delete. I have learned a wise lession that to not try to intalled Windows Vista in our system again and also to backup our server into a flash or CD once in a while. So what I've been doing was working on the server from scratch. And i went to search for help and I came acrossed a nice person who was willing to help me rebuild and get back to order. He does not fully understand the codding for C# but he is getting there and helping me at the same time. His name known for me is Holmier he is from USA and he's been with UO for quiet some while so now he has become part of the Xsira team and staff. And he is now is helping me with the rebuilding the whole server. Hopfuly we will soon be finish enough to publish it back online. I am thinking around the 25th we will have a offical announcement for the re-release of Xisra. Intill then I hope to hear from you soon enough.

Thursday September 18, 2008 - Triple

Server Maintenance

Server will be down for 1-2 hour(s) starting at, 11:45PM GMT-7 (USA California). We are currently upgrading server computers and hardware. We will notice if any problems occur. Please be paitent under our server maintenance. From there the server will be back up full uptime. If you have any questions or comments please don't mind Emailing us or Post on Forums. Server will be back up and runing in short notice. Thank you for your time have a nice night.

Saturday August 23, 2008 - Triple


Xisra has open a new forum! Please make sure to visit and make it look alive! There are absolutely no pop-ups or advertising in our forums. Using forums is a great to to keep contact with friends, guildmates, and also to recruit new memebers to your guild! So Please all players visit forum and register. Server events will be post only in forums and not in our website. If you have any problems contact us at any time you can. Please enjoy our new forum, I hope to see you all there soon.

Wednesday August 6, 2008 - Triple

Xsira Grand Open Beta

I am proud to present the great shard of Xsira to everyone! With Unique Customs and a whole new way of class choice! Keep in mind that this server is freshly new and still have minor bugs if you come across to occur a bug please report straight to staff. If you are cought exploited a bug or glitch you will be banned for 3 days so please don't abuse bugs report them as soon as possible read Rules for further information. If you have any question what so ever or comments visit Conntact Support.

Xsira Now Open

Many Things will be changing during Open Beta playing expernice. If you have any ideas let us know! visit forum and post your ideas we are accepting and working on many suggestions at them moment. You might expernice low population during game play but that should not be a reason not to play on here infact that should be a reason to play to get ahead of everyone before it gets populated. Many people say there no people its boring but adding one other player like yourself is +1 population so stick around more so people won't have to say such a thing. every player counts why not make yourself a player and play!


Wednesday August 6, 2008 - Triple

Version en Español